about us

From the vision and dreams of its founder and his long experience in the field, Dardos Technology was born in 2020. This company started as a start-up made of two people, Mahmoud and his friend, is now a 10+ people digital marketing and technical company. At DardosTech, we focus on providing high-level marketing & IT solutions to help you achieve your goals and your vision. Our team members are experts in different fields including marketing, advertising, cyber security, and IT solutions. Because of our experience and flexibility, we can take on a wide range of projects with clearly defined KPIs and timelines. Our priority is to provide the best suitable solutions for our clients. We strive to offer our customers the best IT services and marketing solutions possible. To that end, our employees work in collaborative teams to embody our competitive spirit, striving to provide the best services and providing an edge in the market.


Dardos Technology envisions that in five years; the firm will be equipped with a variety of running applications owned and operated by DardosTech that are related to e-commerce, mobile application services, and e-marketing services; furthermore, DardosTech envisions leading the change to the future demand of AI-related products, AI-related services, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other advanced technologies that portray the future of the IT industry. DardosTech expansion is vertically drawn by increasing the layers of services and products being developed and promoted; furthermore, DardosTech plans to broaden its operation to cover the Middle East and North Africa. Dardos Technology mission is to integrate a variety of services that can facilitate the work/operations of different types of businesses whether the businesses are in the trading, manufacturing, supply/chain, retail, or medical businesses. The developed services and products are produced using the newest technologies in AI and machine learning as well as the finest business models, which are elaborated to introduce highly functioning IT applications. DardosTech runs a wide range of services including e-commerce operations, e-commerce development, website building, e-marketing, data analysis, web application development, mobile application development, constructing network infrastructure, and assessing security and privacy standards.

Work geography

Together with our partners, we develop successful brand awareness, sales promotion, and pilot campaigns in, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries.