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Dardos Technology provides a rainbow of IT and marketing services including software development, ecommerce operation handling and marketing services.

Business Promotions

Social Media moderation, SMS, Email Shots, Digital Marketing, Branding, design etc.

E-commerce Operation

Save your company operational overheads by benefiting from our exclusive services


professional and attractive designs that match the client's needs

AI Services

Connect to the future with our AI applications and data science systems

Software Solutions

Our clients find a huge variety of software solutions at Dardos Technology

IT Solutions Retail

Customize and resell other IT firms' products to our clients.

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Mobile Application
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Experienced Staff
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Ongoing projects
Why Dardos Technology

DardosTech is your one-stop company for services related to digital marketing.  DardosTech runs a wide range of services including e-commerce operations, e-commerce development, e-marketing, data analysis, web application development, mobile application development, constructing network infrastructure, and assessing security and privacy standards. 

Our clients can reduce their operational overhead when they allow DardosTech team to handle the tedious activities with a more professional approach and with lesser required resources and costs.

Hatem Abu Failat

Business Development Director

Mahmoud Tashtoush

DradosTech Owner

Dima Abdin

Content Manager

Mahmoud Tashtoush

Company Owner


Dardos Technology has thrived to find the best expertise among the team members who work diligently to server our clients at all times.